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New for September 2023: The Microlink Education Shop

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Microlink Education has come of age. In the last twelve months, we have increased our community of schools from 100 to over 600. Our ambition is to work with over 6000 schools globally within the next two years.

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We know that all children learn differently, and recent advances in Assistive Technologies can transform the learning experience for neurodiverse children and young people, including those with delayed language development and English as an Additional Language. Good two-way communication is fundamental to learning and access to the curriculum, and at Microlink we are committed to providing the tools, technology and support to help children from pre-school to Sixth Form to perform at their best, whatever their physical, sensory or neurodiverse needs.

We are also committed to putting wellbeing at the heart of learning, teaching and leading, as well as developing trauma-transformed practice across the justice systems.

We hope you share our ambition and intent. Welcome to Microlink Education!

Higher Education & Apprenticeships

Higher Education & Apprenticeships

Over the past thirty years, Microlink has played a leading role in the development of DSA (Disabled Student Allowance). We remain committed to ensuring that every student who enters Higher Education with Additional Needs gets the support, the personal equipment and the training to use it that they need, in a timely and effective way. Microlink is also committed to ensuring that supported internships and inclusive apprenticeships really do work, giving young people with disabilities pathways of opportunity into gainful, meaningful and fulfilling employment.

We offer a one-stop, end-to-end solution for all your needs. We can provide support for one student or an entire school.

For technology to help children, the teachers and schools need to lead practice. Microlink provides responsive support and problem-solving expertise for your classroom needs. We understand what has the biggest impact on learning. We help enhance learning and communication, whilst supporting innovation with technology.

Microlink provides more than 50 categories of products and services. We cover many levels of disability across numerous market sectors. Our product experts have unparalleled industry experience, working in partnership with the leading manufacturers of assistive technology. We are continually providing front-facing feedback, so that products and services are continually improved.

Look out for our Education Shop, being launched in September 2023! Great prices and support across a wide range of applications, services and resources!

Education Professionals

Education Professionals

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

– Albert Einstein

Like you, we appreciate that every student wants to learn and do well at school; but some find it harder than others.

We can help you remove their obstacles, so every student has the best possible chance to get the most from their education.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and Universities

From college to university to the workplace, learning is a lifelong endeavour. It is predicted that children today will change career paths many times during their working lives. Microlink can help your organisation make transformative step changes in providing for all needs, dismantling barriers to academic success, professional development and career progression, at every age and at every stage


“Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

– David Ogden Stiers

Every child learns in unique ways and at their own pace.

We know there can be different reasons why your child may be falling behind at school. These range from environmental to educational to behavioural challenges.



“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.”

– Winston Churchill

Do your friends seem to find school or college easier than you?

Do you try your best but still not get the same results they do?

Microlink’s @Learning centre for schools. Keep every member of staff updated with the very latest developments in assistive technologies to transform your school’s inclusive practice. Hundreds of bite-sized video guides are available covering many of the commonly used assistive technologies in schools today. Microlinks @Learning centre can be accessed from any web browser. We have an affordable package for your school, multi-academy chain or Local Authority.
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Microlink’s @Learning centre for universities. Students that need to learn about popular software programs systems and assistive technologies can benefit from utilising Microlink’s @Learning centre. Microlinks @Learning centre can be accessed from any web browser which makes it compatible with all virtual learning environments and systems.

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