Assistive Technologies in Schools

Unlocking the power of Assistive Technologies to transform inclusive practice from early years to Further and Higher Education

Be ThAT Teacher! A free training and professional development programme from Microlink Education

Assistive Technologies have the power and potential to change education and life outcomes for millions of children, young people and adults globally.
Between January 2022 and July 2023, Microlink Education designed and delivered two transformational school improvement projects, with our delivery partner nasen (nationally recognised experts in the development of Special Education Needs provision).
Funded by the Department for Education, and involving over two hundred primary and secondary schools, the project aimed to develop awareness and understanding of the power of assistive technologies to transform mainstream and targeted teaching and learning.
The programmes were an unqualified success, with impact seen in terms of pupil engagement, motivation and access to learning.
Microlink is now delighted to announce that it is working with corporate sponsorship partners to enable the training and resources to be accessed free of charge to hundreds more schools and colleges!

A girl wearing a mask and glasses

“Thanks to this course, the life of one of my pupils has been transformed.``

“Thank you so much. I felt daunted coming in, but you have demystified the process and I am now very excited!”

“AT is not as scary a prospect as I thought...going to revisit Immersive reader and associated tools with pupils! Thank you!”

“I'm really looking forward to trying out immersive reader, I think it is quite a simple tool that will have a huge impact. I think there's a lot of AT that is quite accessible and easy for staff to use but we just aren't aware of it so I'm looking forward to learning more”

“Hello I have dyslexia and have coloured glasses. I have never heard of Immersive reader and I already know I will be using this myself and know I will be able to share this with staff and this will benefit children in children. Had I known about this when I was in school I know it would have been such a benefit to me.”

“The relaxed, elongated style of delivery understands the pressures on schools and individuals, allows for quick wins but then gives time to implement wider changes``

Download this guide to the “Be ThAT Teacher” training and professional development programme.

Not only do we introduce ideas, solutions and applications that support the use of AT in your classrooms, we also aim to build your personal capacity to manage change effectively.

We sincerely hope you want to Be ThAT Teacher!
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