Education Professional

Teachers, lecturers and professors

Identifying a student’s needs

We provide cutting-edge tools that help teachers identify a student’s specific learning challenges. This allows you to help them access the curriculum with the same passion as their peers.

Supporting your students

As Europe’s leading assistive technology supplier, Microlink are in the unique position of working with all the major companies in the field. This gives us the means to find the most appropriate tools to support your students’ needs. Through training, both you and your students can derive the most from assistive technology. For 25 years we have helped more than a quarter of a million people via many customised solutions.

You the Educator

The effective use of communications technology in your classroom can mean the difference between you truly reaching one of your students and them being unable to connect with your teaching. The right technology, used well, can change a look of frustration on a student’s face to an excited smile as they finally understand a difficult concept. We offer teachers training in line with the curriculum to help get the most out of these solutions.

Improving Learning with Communications Technology

Good schools strive to find new ways to help children learn. New developments like the government’s SEN reforms continue to raise the bar.

We are working with a group of schools to test how teachers and pupils can use technology more effectively in teaching and learning. We are discovering what solutions work best and for whom, how to ensure the right training, and how it can be embedded system wide.

Watch this space for updates. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us.