Accessible solutions for the world we live and work in.

Accessible solutions for the world we live and work in.


Microlink has been providing accessibility solutions to disabled people in work and education since 1992. As such, we are uniquely placed to help your organisation become accessible and inclusive to all disabled people.


Here are some revealing statistics which show the value of investing in a WPA service:

  • 80% employees said their adjustments have helped them stay in their job and help them be more productive.
  • 60% enjoyed their job more since having adjustment in place.
  • 60% of employees with adjustments do not have all the adjustments they need.
  • 34% of employees have not asked for adjustments because they fear their manager would treat them differently.
  • Only 30% of employees were confident their employer would make adjustments for them if they were needed in the future.
  • 25% employees waited over a year to get their adjustments
    in place.
  • Only 24% employees with adjustments regularly speak to their manager (or equivalent) about how well their adjustments are working.
  • Only 19% employees said adjustments remove all barriers they experience in the workplace.
  • 76% reduction in condition related absence
  • 100% of line managers consider it an essential business process.
  • For every £1 pound spent £2.50 is returned


First and foremost, Microlink is the only company offering a comprehensive end-to-end, SLA-driven Workplace Adjustment Service. As such, we have entirely unrivalled experienced providing adjustments for businesses and organisations in both the public and private sector. Microlink’s WPA service is a true one-stop-shop and fully tailored to your organisation’s needs, taking the hassle out of creating an inclusive workplace. We have a unique capacity to offer expertise on accessibility solutions for the built environment, digital assets, inclusive recruitment and occupational health and wellbeing. Our service is based on expertise and communication, we want all our clients to have the best possible experience and that comes through regular contact. That is why from start to finish we provide you with clear documentation and consultation from referral to implementation to review. We offer cutting-edge, innovative products. With our WPA service you will be set up with a catalogue of assistive technology, ergonomic aids, services and training to suit all requirements. Where the required solution involves software we organise licensing arrangements. We even have a fully equipped bus to bring our products to your workplace and demonstrate all the innovative technology we can offer!

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