Technology is advanced, there are solutions

How can I take action if I think my child needs more support?

The first thing to do if you think your child is having problems at school is to talk with your child’s teacher. They can identify the areas where your child is struggling.

Working together with your child’s teacher and other relevant professionals such as your local GP, optician or audiologist, you can decide about a formal assessment of your child’s needs. This assessment helps determine what additional needs are at the root of your child’s challenges, or if different teaching methods need to be explored to help your child achieve their best.

How can technology help my child?

Communications technology, if used well, can play a vital role in your child’s education. Utilising a simple software or hardware application in the correct way can have a significant impact.

To find out more on what is available, please contact us or spend some time browsing our Educational catalogue. We focus on people’s abilities and the devices we supply increase the learning potential for everybody in the classroom.

How technology can be used to support home learning

Microlink don’t just provide technology to schools and businesses. We also provide individuals with technology and show you creative ways to engage with your child’s education.