About Us

Microlink are the leaders in the field of Assistive Technology. We have enabled over a quarter of a million people with health conditions to succeed in education and employment.

We stock the largest range of technology and tools in the UK. Our workplace adjustment service, MiCase is embraced as best practice for some of the largest corporations in the country.

From Dyslexia to Arthritis, to visual and hearing losses, whatever the condition, Microlink can assess, advise, supply, train and support anyone looking to break down a barrier caused by their conditions.

Microlink consults at Government level, wins numerous awards for its dedication and sources the latest technology to deliver a service to their customers that’s second to none.

Whether you’re a large corporation, a small business, a school, a worker, a parent or student, call us today and let us provide the tools you need to not only achieve but thrive.

Our vision is to create an inclusive society which embraces diversity and releases potential to advance humanity.

Our Founders

Dr. Nasser Siabi OBE

Dr. Nasser Siabi OBE

Dr Nasser Siabi has been frequently cited as a ‘visionary’ and natural born philanthropist. His background of computer science, technology, and advanced studies to PhD level coupled with a chronic visual impairment, lead him to develop a pioneering business model for Microlink.

Microlink was established in 1992 and was co-founded with his business partner Vahid Ganjavian, who as an established entrepreneur with Dyslexia, faced similar boundaries within the workplace. The disability combination of these two individuals enabled the company to advance in the field of assistive technology and training, rapidly. Microlink with Dr Siabi and Mr Ganjavian at the helm has consistently improved the lives of over a quarter of a million disabled students and individuals over the last 20 years and has been established as an industry leader.

Dr Nasser Siabi’s vision to improve the overall wellbeing of humanity, starting from education entry, to gaining employment and living lives that maximise their full potential, is pioneering work. Dr Nasser Siabi, who was awarded an OBE in 2011, his company and staff are dedicated to this cause and through consistent research, data capturing, impressive statistics and overwhelming proof that his ‘idea for an all inclusive society’ works across all levels.

As a result Microlink and Dr Nasser Siabi consistently consults on Government policy, disability organisations and blue chip multi-national companies as the ‘go to’ organisation and experts within their field.


  • Member The Business Disability Forum (BDF), formerly Employers Forum for Disability (EFD) and Chair of the Steering Sub-Group dealing with disabled graduate’s transition into employment. The company has gold status membership.
  • A founding member of Business Taskforce for Accessible Technology (BTAT).
  • A founder member of the British Assistive Technology Association (BATA).
  • Member and former Director of the National Association of Disability Practitioners (NADP).
  • Board Member of CMD-SPOC, a Geneva-based UN NGO.
  • Member of DWP Disability Employer engagement Steering Group.
  • Fellow of Institute of Directors (FIoD).


  • Runner up, The Guardian Sustainable Business awards 2016
  • Lifetime Achiever Award, National Diversity Awards 2015
  • Winner CERA awards USA 2015
  • Winner IAIR awards 2014
  • Disability Standard Award from the BDF 2012
  • Outstanding Lifetime Contribution in the field of Dyslexia Award – 2012
  • Winner of Breakthrough Award for Good Practice in Employing Disabled People 2011
  • Awarded the OBE for exceptional services to people who live and work with disabilities 2011
  • IVCA Award Winner 2011
  • IOD Director of the Year Award winner for London / South East 2009
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Vee Ganjavian

Vee Ganjavian

Vee is the director and co-founder of Microlink. He is a pure racer and has driven Microlink to achieve its success.

Vee’s passion for giving people with disabilities greater access to independence and achievements, stems from working with his own disability. Vee struggled in school, finding subjects like English literature very problematic but excelling in maths and physics. As an adult he was diagnosed with dyslexia and felt that it is extremely important to raise awareness in this area for future generations to better connect in education.

“After being diagnosed with dyslexia, I was looking for computer equipment that would aid me. A lot of programmes clashed, so I started writing patches to enable them to work together. That’s what drove me to establish Microlink.”

Following a successful career in the finance industry working in future options, Vee moved on to focus on establishing Microlink. His passion to make it success was fuelled by the need to work with his own disability.

Race to win

As well as his successful career on land, Vee is a renowned for his career on the water. Vee is a powerboat racer, and he races to win.

“I have raced cars and motorbikes, but what I love about racing on water is the constant challenge to be adaptable and versatile in an environment that can change rapidly.”

In 2008 Vee received the most prestigious award in the Yachting world, The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Community Award. We are all extremely proud of him receiving this award and for his numerous other awards. A shortened list of Vee’s achievements include:

  • Blind Challenge – Round the Isle of Wight 2013 in a ThunderCat with Dean Dunbar driving and Vee as co-driver
  • Superboat Key West World Championship 2013 – Class P3 - 2nd
  • UKOBA Sword of Achievement
  • Bournemouth Needles Trophy - 1st
  • Cowes-Torquay-Cowes 2012 - 1st
  • CTC 2012 – overall winner
  • Lymington Challenge 2012 – overall winner
  • British Club Speed Record – 106 mph
  • New world record at Coniston record week 2011 – 107.57 mph
  • RYA National B Class Marathon series 2011 – runner up
  • Cowes Classic 2011 – runner up
  • UIM World Speed Record – Phantom – 104 mph
  • RYA National B Class Marathon series 2010 – 1st
  • RYA National B Class Marathon series – Overall Champion
  • Cowes Classic 2010 – runner up
  • CTC B Class 2010 – runner up
  • CTC B Class 2010 – 3rd overall
  • P1 Supersport 2009 – runner up
  • UIM World Speed Record 2009 – Hustler P1 – 89 mph
  • UIM World Speed Record 2008 – Hustler P1 – 86mph
  • RYA P1 Supersport World Speed Record September 2008 – 84.48 mph
  • RYA P1 Supersport World Speed Record December 2008 – 89.69 mph
  • P1 Supersport series word championship 2008 – runner up
  • Italian GP 2008 – 1st
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