Vee Ganjavian

Vee is the director and co-founder of Microlink. He is a pure racer and has driven Microlink to achieve its success.

Vee’s passion for giving people with disabilities greater access to independence and achievements stems from working with his own disability.

Vee struggled in school, finding subjects like English literature problematic, but excelling in maths and physics. As an adult he was diagnosed with dyslexia, and felt it is extremely important to raise awareness in this area for future generations.

“After being diagnosed with dyslexia, I was looking for computer equipment that would aid me. A lot of programmes clashed, so I started writing patches to enable them to work together. That’s what drove me to establish Microlink.”

Following a successful career in the finance industry working in futures options, Vee moved on to focus on establishing Microlink. His passion to make it successful was fuelled by the need to work with his own disability.

Race to win

As well as his successful career on land, Vee is renowned for his career on the water. Vee is a powerboat racer, and he races to win.

“I have raced cars and motorbikes, but what I love about racing on water is the constant challenge to be adaptable and versatile in an environment that can change rapidly.”

In 2008 Vee received the most prestigious award in the Yachting world, The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Community Award. We are all extremely proud of him receiving this award and for his numerous other awards.