Access To Work - Employer

Access To Work – Employer

Access to Work (A2W) is a government grant which picks up where ‘reasonable adjustments’ stop.

A2W helps people with disabilities (long-term physical or mental health) start or stay in work. You either have an employee, or want to hire one, who has a long-term condition or disability. As a recruitment & retention tool, you show existing and potential employees that you care and support them.

A2W provides practical and/or financial support, covering what is beyond reasonable adjustments. Employees apply for A2W, NOT their employer.


  • Supplying aids and equipment at work
  • Adapting equipment for easier use
  • Travel to work and in work.
  • Communication support at interviews
  • Providing support workers
  • Mental Health Support Service
  • Advice and Guidance for employers to understand and support mental health issues
  • Offer a needs assessment and help develop a support plan
  • Providing a job coach or sign language interpreter

Mental health has been in the news recently. Here’s how A2W helps:

  • Assistance to develop a support plan
  • Flexible work schedules to accommodate changes in mood/impact of medication
  • Providing a mentor for additional support.
  • Providing additional time to complete certain tasks.
  • Arranging additional training
  • Regular status meetings between you and your employee
  • Phased return to work

Eligibility Standards:

  • In paid employment or about to be
  • Not claiming Incapacity Benefit or Employment Support Allowance once they are in work. However, they may be eligible if they are doing a type of ‘permitted work.’ This is for a limited time.
  • The employee has a long-term health condition or mental health condition impacting their performance.

What if my employee claims Universal Credit?

If they meet the above criteria, they may apply for A2W.

What if my employee is on a Supported Internship/traineeship?

If the programme is part of the Dept for Education Supported Internship Programme or a BIS Traineeship, they may apply for A2W for the time of their work placement only.

A2W will also fund additional travel, a job coach and other support to aid a smooth transition into employment.

Are there any costs to me as their employer?

If your employee has been working with you for more than 6 weeks when they apply for A2W you will have to share the cost.

This will ONLY be for:

  • Special aids and equipment
  • Equipment or adaptations to the premises

You bear no costs for Mental Health Support Services.

A2W will fund 100% of the costs if the following applies:

  • Your employee has been with you less than 6 weeks or has not started yet when they apply for A2W.
  • Mental Health support
  • Additional travel to work and travel during work costs
  • Communication support at interviews.