25-Jan-22 | News

The World’s First Brain Computer Interface

Mannequin head wearing Cognixion one

Cognixion One: The World’s First Brain Computer Interface with Augmented Reality Wearable Speech Generating Device

The Cognixion One is an entirely wireless, mobile solution that doesn’t just give you freedom to move – it gives you freedom to move the world. This device has been a apart of the company’s mission of creating opportunities for those with communication disabilities (such as CP, ALS, and hundreds of other conditions), allowing them to express themselves, and be heard by the world.

If you are someone who has been reliant on switch or eye control access, then the Cognixion One is your window to the world. Some of its incredible features include:

  • Three context-aware predictive keyboard options
  • Radial sentence builder tools
  • Integrated with popular AI assistant
  • 4G Mobility enables full functionality on the go
  • USB-C charging port
  • Multiple Access Options: Three degrees of freedom for head pointing, Brain-Computer Interface, switch access
  • Companion app for system configuration and remote neural monitoring
  • AR Headset with dual display option

For more information, visit https://one.cognixion.com/