27-Jun-22 | News

The all new HandshoeMouse Shift

The HandshoeMouse Shift is the result of many years of field experience with the original HandshoeMouse. It has been tested by several large organisations for almost two years where people who were suffering from RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome were able to enjoy various improvements and return to work.

The ambidextrous Shift can be easily switched from left to right and provides additional comfort by extending the supporting area for hand, palm, fingers, and thumb. Instead of grabbing the mouse in a tense posture, the full-surface support ensures that pressure is distributed over a large area of the whole hand, relieving the thumb joint.

The lightly slanted design requires the least muscle activity in the hand and results in reduced neural excitation. With the HandShoeMouse Shift you will reduce the muscle activity in your hand and fingers, and will work more comfortably, naturally, and ergonomically.

The device uses a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Thanks to this useful feature, the HandShoeMouse Shift provides users with easy digital wireless communication without a disturbing cable. The operating time is about four to six weeks when the mouse is fully charged, but even if you run out of charge, don’t worry, you can continue using this mouse while it is charging with the provided USB cable.

Learn more https://www.bakkerelkhuizen.co.uk/handshoemouse-shift-bluetooth/