2-Aug-18 | News

Soundscape app calls out landmarks to help people who are visually impaired!

Advancements in technology play a critical role in removing barriers and empowering people with disabilities

As Dr Nasser Siabi OBE, CEO Microlink always says: “With modern Technology we can confidently say that there are no disabilities, there are just barriers for people to live and work independently; with the right tools and interventions, anything is possible. The sign of an inclusive society is when we remove these barriers by carefully designing the work and living environments to cater for those with health conditions or disabilities.”

Microsoft Soundscape is a free app which helps people with visual impairment to explore the world around them through a 3D audio experience. This app helps you to have a better understanding of your surroundings as you walk, helping you get where you want to go.


  • Provides information about your current location, direction facing, nearby streets and intersections and nearby points of interest.
  • Provides information about one thing in each direction (ahead, right, behind and left).
  • Provides five pieces of information about things coming up on either side of the street.
  • Enables you to set audio beacons at familiar destinations and landmarks, and then use 3D audio cues to improve your ambient awareness as you make your way to the destination.
  • As you walk, Soundscape will help you stay aware of where you are by calling out roads and landmarks as you pass them.

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