29-Apr-19 | News

Regulate your brain waves with FocusBand

What is the FocusBand?

The FocusBand is a wearable brain sensing headset that measures the frequency of the brain using neurofeedback.

How does the FocusBand work?

The brain is constantly generating different analogue brain frequencies based on your thoughts, activities and movements such as reading a book, exercise or medicating. So, with the FocusBand worn on the head and the sensors placed at the front of the forehead the FocusBand 3 sensors receives the measurement of the analogue frequencies and convert this into digital format, 1’s and 0’s with the data transmitted to a mobile device via Bluetooth.
The FocusBand app run through that digital data to create a visual representation of what is going on inside your brain to monitor frequency response to give the individual a visual and audio feedback.

  • Brain constantly generate different analogue brain frequencies
  • Measure the Analogue frequencies of your forehead
  • FocusBand hardware converts this into Digital format
  • Transmit via Bluetooth to mobile device
  • FocusBand app filters the data to make it useable
  • Create a visual and audio feedback

What can we do to regulate the Frequencies?

Start with basic breathing techniques by following the audio feedback of inhaling and exhaling to the belly that help to focus on the breaths and being mindful of the body as a way of let your thoughts pass by, let it be. The avatar will guide the individual showing a rhythm of this techniques at short interval, as you progress, we would extend these intervals. They only need to do this 2-3 times a day.
The frequency reading will start to lower itself that was original off the chart but now showing the brain waves are in range, initially this might not happen, or the beta waves could be high with other waves lower. It does depend on the person to control their breathing and ability to focus.
This helps to focus and manage your unwanted thoughts by putting this to one side to calm your mind.

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