13-Dec-19 | News

Multilingual captioning tool that translates at lightning speed- Seeing is believing!

Overcome Communication Barriers Through Multilingual, fast and revolutionary captioning tool

Some people define accessibility solely as availability or opportunity. However, accessibility is making all content and material available to everyone, irrespective of their abilities. This can be achieved with the help of Assistive Technology which helps to increase productivity, not only for people with disabilities and health conditions but for everyone.

Have you ever thought of having a live captioning or a live translation system at events, during work meetings or in the classroom?

There are many people who have some sort of hearing impairment and most of them rely on written forms of communication.

Providing captions and transcriptions at the events, during telephone conference meetings via computer and/or in the classroom enhances the quality of the communication. It ensures everyone can accurately comprehend your message and provides a service that allows for inclusivity and creates an accessible environment for everyone. Additionally, it promotes a positive atmosphere and a greater level of communication. Having a live translation system removes language barriers by providing written translations of the spoken words in real-time.

Our speech to text platform produces spoken words in a compatible web-browser format for people who struggle with listening comprehension in teleconference calls via computer, conferences and lecture rooms.