27-Sep-20 | News

@Learning Center Custom Training Solutions

  1. Our custom training solution allows for scenarios that directly apply to business situations. Employees can clearly make the connection with their daily tasks and seamlessly transfer their acquired knowledge to the workplace.
  2. The @Learning Center provides custom training solutions that not only focus on company-specific processes or culture but also on software adoption.
  3. Our Factory approach to content creation streamlines the process of producing custom training solutions for both enterprise and proprietary systems. It also allows for quick turnarounds and is easy to update and maintain.
  4. Our instructional design team will work closely with your subject matter experts to produce the proper training solutions for your employees and add them to your @Learning Center.
  5. With strong research skills and exceptional writing ability, our skilled authors will ensure that all custom content created specifically meets your training goals.
  6. From custom built videos to targeted learning campaigns and tailored delivery options, the @Learning Center provides all the resources you need to engage your employees and help them feel connected to their training.
  7. We understand that no one knows their employees better than you and we’ll work with you to ensure the @Learning Center is your best resource for critical knowledge essential for your employees’ everyday work.

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