5-Feb-19 | News

The Leading Fully Inclusive Input Device

A person using Tap wearable keyboard on smart phoneWearable Keyboard and Mouse

TAP keyboard is a fully inclusive one-handed keyboard, mouse and controller that uses gentle finger taps to transmit commands to any Bluetooth enabled device.

Usable in any position and on any surface, Tap provides complete independence to input letters, numbers, symbols and macros- using only one hand .

Tap is perfect for people with:

  • Blind and low vision conditions
  • Limited mobility
  • Learning disabilities

How Tap is beneficial for the corporate community?

  • Enhance Efficiency

Tap lets you work on the go without needing to lug around a bulky laptop or external keyboard to pair with your phone or tablet. Imagine taking notes in a meeting using one hand, full concentrated on the presentation in front of you – or being able to use a small, compact keyboard on a quick flight to your next business meeting. You can also customize your Tap to create macros or other helpful shortcuts to save time and improve workflow. Tap is great for input while: Traveling for work, commuting in small spaces, during meetings and on the go to activate apps and key controls.

  • Boost Presentation

A strong presentation is essential to good business – so why stand behind your laptop pressing “Next” on your slideshow? Tap allows you to connect to your Bluetooth enabled devices and control your presentations or other professional tools by tapping on surfaces. Use Tap to: Control slides and media, queue up videos or other presentation elements, control multiple creative tools including word, PowerPoint keynote and more, take notes discreetly.

  • Lead and Innovate

Tap’s custom mapping unlocks your ability to activate and control complex commercial devices like never before. With TapMapper, you can create custom commands for software, website or mobile apps, or anything else you may need to get the job done. The possibilities are endless. You can use Tap to control: Virtual and augmented reality, robotics, drones, CAD software.

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