16-Nov-21 | News

Inclusive design matters

Olay’s new lid was made for disabled people. Too bad you can’t find it in stores

High-profile companies like P&G, Lego, and Nike are launching inclusive designs. But does inclusive design matter if the release is exclusive?

Skin-care giant Olay recently released a face-cream lid ostensibly designed to be “accessible for all,” the latest iteration of consumer goods positioned to serve disabled people.

Olay announced its limited-edition lid prototype developed for “consumers with a wide range of conditions, from dexterity issues and limb differences, to chronic issues causing joint pain and vision impairments,” with fanfare. To publicize the new packaging, it launched an ad campaign including video and a lush multi-page advertisement in the Sunday print edition of The New York Times.

The easy-open lid includes four features: a winged cap, extra grip-raised lid, a high-contrast product label, and Braille text for “face cream.” It is designed to fit on four creams in Olay’s popular Regenerist line, and is available exclusively on the Olay website—not on store shelves.

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