4-Mar-19 | News

Handy speech, tablet-size screen, for active lifestyle

The only 10-inch video magnifier with OCR and speech

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro is the perfect blend of portability, affordability, and advanced functionality typically found in devices costing much more. Standard features include OCR and text-to-speech, and a 3-way camera that adjusts for distance viewing, reading, or as a mirror. With an MP3 music player, the ability to store 1,000 images, and magnification to 19x, Snow 10 Pro delivers!

High quality, human-sounding speech, brings the printed word to life. Listen to print material you have scanned or with imported PDF files. Snow 10 Pro is lightweight and can be used virtually everywhere including restaurants, stores, while traveling, at school, at work or at the  library.

It reads for you

  • Scan full-page printed materials and read aloud
  • Read aloud imported PDF files
  • Choose from 20 languages
  • Start speech from the word you point at
  • Adjust voice volume and speed

Everything in a package

  • Voice prompt
  • Two hours fast charging
  • Audio file playable
  • Weighing 2 pounds and 3 hours continuous use
  • Full colour and 10 high-contrast colour modes
  • Three viewing modes including distance and selfie 

You can click here and read more about all the amazing features of this product.