1-Nov-18 | News

EyeControl headset for locked-in patients

EyeControl headset for locked-in patients available on NHS Supply Chain


EyeControl, a wearable device that sports an eye-tracking camera and audio speaker, will be available to NHS patients via the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue.
The device allows individuals who have lost the ability to move or speak but retain full cognitive ability to communicate.
The “AI-powered” device tracks the eye movements of the wearer and generates speech. A bone conduction element that sits within the earpiece provides audio feedback to the user, allowing them to hear the communication before it is sent to the output speaker.
Unlike some other communication devices designed for similar purposes, EyeControl works without the need for a large screen and can be worn by at all times, allowing the wearer to communicate immediately, 24 hours a day.


Giving a voice to the voiceless

Users of the EyeControl system have the choice of using predefined sentences or training it with their own personalised syntax. According to its designers, the learning curve is “extraordinarily simple” and takes only takes users around 20 minutes to become comfortable with the device. Read more…