Youth Justice

Working with Youth Justice Services to secure better outcomes for all children

Microlink Education is the new sponsor of the Youth Justice SEND Quality Awards

When Achievement for All went into administration in October 2021, AYM (Association of Youth Offending Team Managers) and Marius Frank (Youth Justice Lead at Achievement for All) immediately began a search for another credible umbrella organisation with the experience and reach to manage and validate the awards process.

Marius has recently been appointed Head of Education at Microlink PC UK Ltd, and is delighted to announce that all of his youth justice work and commitments will become part of his new portfolio.

“This is an exciting development, not only for me, but for the partnership with AYM”, says Marius. “Microlink have a thirty-year track record of driving up standards of workplace adjustments in terms of disabled access. These standards are demanding, and the company has an absolute commitment to applying these standards to education providers and Children’s Services, with the ambition and intent to dismantle barriers to learning and living for any child with disabilities, or disabled by life circumstance. Supporting the Awards will only be part of the new services that we will be offering to youth offending teams in England and Wales. Watch this space!”

Marius Frank

Youth Justice SEND Awards

We are delighted to announce that the Youth Justice SEND Awards will be restarting with immediate effect.

The processes for designation and redesignation will be the same.

The prices are held at 2020-21 levels.

If your service was set for redesignation in 2021 or 2022, you will be contacted directly.

Any service that paid Achievement for All, but whose accreditation process was paused because of the closure of AFA, will be able to restart and complete at no additional charge.

New interest and enquiries:

Youth justice awards Quality lead and quality mark

Emotion Coaching in Challenging Contexts

Emotion Coaching – ‘Child First’ in every way

“It’s been a fantastic session, one of the best I’ve experienced in 20 odd years as a PC, lots of takeaways for work and home. Now you need to work your way around the rest of the force, many of whom would benefit from this.” South Wales SCPO

“I have really enjoyed hearing about all of the experiences of staff allowing us to get to know more about each other, also being able to consider how this can be put into practice in pour own lives along with professional lives. I also am really interested in all the brain development stuff” St Helens YOT ETE Worker

“I really enjoy taking the time to reflect and hearing everyone's personal experiences which I think brings the training to life.” Southwark ETE Worker

All too often a lack of self-control leads to children, already in difficulties, to make things worse for themselves.

Be it in the community, within families, in the court system or within secure estate settings, emotional flare-ups and disproportionately aggressive and volatile behaviours result in situations escalating rapidly out of control.

Emotion Coaching is an attachment-based tool that helps children to self-regulate and manage their own emotions by developing emotional self-awareness and nurturing relationships in teams around them.

If, because of emotion coaching, children become more responsive to help, support and guidance through better emotional self-regulation, the impact will be measurable beyond the programme: in this regard, emotion coaching can be perceived by service leaders as a gateway intervention.

For enquiries, please contact:

Download the Brochure -Download the emotion coaching brochure

Youth Justice Seminars

In Autumn 2022, Microlink Education are planning a series of webinars to spotlight effective practice working with children touched by youth justice services.

The first topics of interest will cover:

  • Assistive Technologies as life enablers for Troubled Youths
  • Extending Information Advice and Guidance initiatives (a Southwark VRU-funded initiative)
  • Spotlight on Child First Practice (as noted through Youth Justice SEND Quality Assurance work)

For enquiries, please contact: