Update 31/03/2020

we trust that everyone is well and keeping safe.  It seems much longer
than one week since we have had to adapt to this unique circumstance and we
promised to keep you all updated.

the weekend, further rules of furlough have become known and we have written to
all colleagues who are currently on furlough with some actions that they are
required to take.  What we do know that we didn’t know last week was there
is a minimum term of furlough and this is three weeks.    We can
also request all our staff who are placed on furlough to take holidays during
this period but we will need to give twice the notice period if we do enact
such a request.

Senior Management Team have met this week (via video conference on Teams) and
is currently looking at the possibility of rotating staff.   If this
is the case, who would these colleagues be and would they be to strengthen or
replace our existing skeleton team?  Do we need to put some of our
skeleton team on furlough?  We don’t know these answers to these questions
at the moment.  We may use this newly devised list as a skeleton team
contingency back up.   We anticipate finalising this piece of work
towards the end of this week.   In addition, this piece of work will
largely depend upon our business stream.  We have developed a new
Homeworking Kit and whilst this has been well received with our clients, we do
not know at present the volume of these potential sales. 

anyone is struggling in whatever way, we would ask that you tell us and if
there is any query or concern regarding the furlough letter sent today, we
would urge that you contact Suzette Smith via her email account.

will keep you regularly updated.

Update 30/03/2020

Furloughed staff are to remain furloughed at home.

Those who are NOT furloughed to remain working from home.

Keep in touch with each other using Microsoft Teams

Creating orders:

  • Remember we are shipping every Tuesday so delivery date should be the following Wednesday.
  • If you create orders Tuesdays, the delivery date should Wednesday 1 week from then ie orders created Tuesday 31st should be set to deliver Wednesday 8th April.

Those staff who are still required to work from Microlink premises (ie Production, stores) are to come in on Tuesday each week (subject to change depending on demand)

All staff are reminded to adhere to social distancing in and out of the premises and continue with increased hygiene routines.

The Executive team alongside senior management team are constantly reviewing demands and needs and will be posting a daily update here so please check back everyday.