Groundbreaking assistive technology allows you to use Dragon speech recognition in public without anyone overhearing you


Talk Technologies revolutionary assistive microphones allow you to use speech recognition and verbally communicate in public without anyone overhearing you.

Steno SR is the only speech recognition microphone that provides complete voice privacy and noise cancellation. By isolating the users voice it enables you to privately transcribe and communicate while simultaneously eliminating all background noise thus ensuring crystal clear recognition. It’s ideal for classroom settings, open offices, meetings, commuting, or anywhere you require voice privacy and noise cancellation. This assistive technology can be used with any speech recognition software including Dragon 15 and is compatible with all modern devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and recorders.

• Industry’s most accurate voice isolation, noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone
• Eliminates all ambient or background noise ensuring a crystal-clear sound signal
• Lightweight, affordable and road worthy durability, guaranteed
• Removable hands-free option
• Compatible with all speech recognition software including Dragon Naturally Speaking
• No start up time or learning curve, simply plug in and go

Speech Recognition

Stenomask provides the two vital components of flawless speech recognition -privacy and accuracy. Eliminating background noise while protecting your voice from being heard by others coupled with our proprietary SmartMic technology (the most advanced SR microphone on the market) is the key to maintaining optimal speech recognition accuracy rates.

Private Voice Communication

Never worry again about being overheard or having loud background noise drown out your voice. Used in conjunction with noise cancelling headphones Stenomask becomes a personal soundbooth that allows you to conduct private phone calls at the office, home or out in public. Compatible with all modern devices and operating systems.

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