Career Enhancing Coaching (CEC)

From disability confident to ability confident

Comprising a series of interactive and dynamic workshops, the Career Enhancing Coaching course empowers Disabled employees, individuals with protected characteristics and those who feel marginalised through difference. The course is equally designed for those who manage a diverse workforce.

The workshops introduce the latest research around neurodiversity and positive psychology, in a way that is readily understandable and instantly applicable.

The course has been carefully designed by Microlink’s experienced coaches to:

  • Help boost confidence, self-agency, wellbeing and assertiveness with peers and leaders,
  • Identify and celebrate strengths.
  • Support successful promotions into more senior roles.

CEC can be tailored and fine-tuned to the bespoke needs of an organisation and a particular client group.

This course has been quality-assured and validated by CPD Accreditation Services.

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What Participants Are Saying About CEC:

It was a really really great series of sessions. Huge thank you!

It's taught me how to be a better advocate for myself and my colleagues in the workplace but also helped me understand myself and my disabilities better. Thank you.

The three learning stages were really insightful, and on a reflective personal note, I can now understand my challenges at school.

``We contracted Microlink to tailor a series of four workshops, initially to support our staff disability network around increasing confidence and empowerment…

``Sessions were fun and engaging, and feedback from both the staff network members and wider organisation was fantastic. They were pitched at the right level to inform and educate, while allowing reflection and application real life situations.

``This was particularly powerful for the wider organisation as it enabled them to think more about the challenges disabled people in the workplace could face.

``We would thoroughly recommend using the skills of Marius and Tracey and Microlink in the future.``

Dr Mark Fosbrook PLY
Senior Policy Officer- Health and Disability
West Midlands Combined Authority

Why Sign Up For CEC?

It can be hard for teams and individuals to address or overcome often-hidden, systemic barriers to progress in workplace. These unseen barriers can lead to:

  • A lack of confidence in abilities and the suppression of talent.
  • A deep-set belief that some need to work harder than others to prove themselves, or even to get noticed.
  • A lack of confidence on how to tackle entrenched attitudes and bias, and to manage difficult conversations in a positive way.
  • Reticence to take time for self-care and push for support when needed.
  • A tendency to downplay and dismiss their feelings and experience.
  • Difficulties in celebrating the positive things “being different” can bring.

What is required is a specialist programme to help colleagues in under-represented groups to develop professionally, to improve agency, leadership capability and ultimately to drive the development of a culture of inclusivity.

Each element of the training plan is carefully crafted, employing key approaches for effective adult learning.:

  • Instil insights.
  • Support reflective practice.
  • Develop techniques.
  • Embed practice.
  • Motivate goal-orientated behaviour.
  • Develop coaching, co-coaching and self-coaching skills.

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