19-Oct-21 | News

Working smarter not harder with Ayoa

a woman drawing a brain for brainstorm

Ayoa is a collaboration app that provides an all-in-one service, consisting of various features such as mind mapping, whiteboards and task boards. Ayoa focus their app to be able to embrace differences, elevate creativity and drive results. They also provide various different ‘views’, which are designed to suit any type of person and their preferred way of working/ learning. These services are especially useful to visual learners, and the ‘mind map’ tool is renowned to be helpful to anyone who is considered to be ‘neurodivergent’, in particular, as mind maps are flexible and therefore they effectively support diverse minds and diverse thinking.

Users can choose from a selection of templates when using the digital whiteboards, and they can also add freehand drawings, images, attachments and much more, making it the perfect space to gather information whilst being creative. This enables people to work together and share their work, no matter their differences.

By using the task boards, customers have reported being up to 46% more productive. Ayoa argues that, by visualising your workflow, you are working smarter instead of harder. These visual task boards are designed for tackling any struggles that may come with working/ learning as a neurodivergent person and are aimed at making people’s lives easier. Furthermore, the newly introduced ‘Dyslexia view’ allows people to change the task board’s background colours and customise them to meet their personal needs.

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