19-Apr-22 | News

What is Caption.Ed?

A woman sitting on a sofa with her laptop

Caption.Ed is a piece of software which provides AI driven captions and note-taking. Caption.Ed allows users to create captions for any live or pre-recorded media, and even face to face conversations. It allows users to annotate those captions and highlight important information. All captions and annotations are then saved and can be reviewed and revised and the users convenience.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Captions: Caption.Ed can be used to generate captions for any media on any platform. From Panopto and Zoom, to Youtube and Blackboard.
  • Customisable to you: You can customise the look and feel of Caption.Ed as well as the languages and lexicon of the transcription to help you study / work more effectively.
  • Unobtrusive interface: Caption.Ed is designed to be unobtrusive when taking notes. The application takes up only a small proportion of the screen, and can be customised to suit the users visual preferences.
  • Export your info: Customers can access a full editable transcript after any session alongside their notes. The user can export everything in a variety of formats.

Take notes on the fly.

New for 2022, Caption.Ed provides a full suite of note taking capabilities. Record your meeting or lecture, transcribe what was said and add your notes directly into Caption.Ed. Your notes are timestamped to the recording so you can easily go back and review them later.

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