4-Jan-22 | News

WeWALK Smart Cane and App

The WeWALK is a smart cane handle for blind people which uses breakthrough technology such as Google maps for navigation and ultrasonic sensors to warn users of nearby obstacles by sending vibrations through the handle. Users can also pair this cane with their smartphone, which enables them to use voice assistant and Google maps.

This handle includes a variety of features such as: a microphone, a wrist strap hole, soft-touch grip, a touchpad, a front LED, vibration buttons, a speaker and an ultrasonic sensor. In addition, when walking, the WeWALK vibrates to inform users of low hanging obstacles, that the bottom of the cane (and other ordinary canes) may typically miss, such as a sign or tree branch.

The WeWALK Accessible Navigation app is a fully accessible application, developed to enable visually impaired people to explore their surroundings and get accessible navigation.