5-Jul-18 | News

We are all different, our brains work differently and that’s wonderful

We are all different, our brains work differently and that’s wonderful…

If you’re not good at one thing, that’s absolutely fine… focus on things you are good at and make the most of it..

As Dr Nasser Siabi (CEO at Microlink) always says: “By providing the right tools everyone is capable and by doing this we are just removing barriers, we are not giving them an advantage, we are merely providing them a level playing field to succeed.”

Getting a foot in the door is the first obstacle for job candidates who may answer questions in short, abrupt sentences or shy away from looking a recruiter in the eye.


Social interaction and communication skills can be a challenge for people with autism spectrum disorder, but companies looking to hire untapped talent for tech-related jobs are discovering that those with autism are unusually detail-oriented, highly analytical, and able to focus intensely on tasks, making them valuable employees… Read this great article about autism and how they are more productive than their other colleagues.

Do you know that there are technologies that support Autism in the workplace and daily life?!

  • Brain in Hand: Amongst people using the system 94% report that it’s having a positive impact on their life, 88% cope better with problems and feel more confident and 100% say it provides them with help when they need it.
  • Livescribe 2GB Echo: Record everything you hear, say and write while linking your audio recordings to your notes. Quickly replay audio from your Livescribe paper, a computer or a mobile device.