7-May-19 | News

The world’s most accessible reading app

The world’s most accessible reading app

If you have low vision, blindness or dyslexia it can be frustrating trying to find good, accessible books. Meet EasyReader, the world’s most accessible reading app, with access to 100,000s of books:

  • The world’s largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services
  • Designed for readers with dyslexia, low vision or blindness
  • Available for iOS, Android or Windows
  • Recommended by the RNIB

Avoid the struggle with print books and inaccessible apps; try EasyReader and start to love reading and learning.

Join webinar on Tuesday 4th June at 3.00 pm to find out:

  • Which students can use RNIB Bookshare
  • What text books are available
  • Ways to join RNIB Bookshare
  • How to use the free EasyReader app
  • How to access RNIB Bookshare using EasyReader

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