6-Jul-18 | News

The solution is so simple!!

What do you think this video is trying to say?


Most people wrongly associate disability as an individual with mobility problem on a wheelchair or a blind person with a guide dog. However,  the law also describes the following conditions as disability:
Dyslexia, Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Heart Attack, Stroke, Stress…the list is endless because a disability is something that can be acquired during our lifetime not necessarily something we’re born with.

As Microlink’s CEO Nasser Siabi says ”with the modern technologies we can confidently say that there are no disabilities, there are just barriers for people to live and work independently; with the right tools and interventions, anything is possible. The sign of an inclusive society is when we remove these barriers by carefully designing the work and living environments to cater for those with health conditions or disabilities” .

Who do you think is more disabled?


Assistive technology and ergonomics remove barriers to both accessibility and productivity