25-Jan-23 | News

The newest AT this month

These Panasonic smart glasses could ‘change your life’

A new set of smart glasses has been described as ‘life changing’ mobility aid for the visually impaired.

The aim of the technology is to help reduce mobility issues caused by impaired vision, specifically peripheral vision loss – which is known to many people as tunnel vision – that affects sufferers of conditions including glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa. The new smart glasses enable users to receive feedback about obstacles and other hazards, using the latest in AI and robotics technologies developed by Biel Glasses, allowing visually impaired users to move around safely, independently, and with more confidence. Biel Glasses’ cameras and sensors can detect hazards, such as obstacles, steps, and holes, all in real-time. The glasses then relay these messages back to the user on the inbuilt μOLED display panels using graphical indications that have been adapted to the individual user’s specific condition and needs for their remaining vision including zoom, adaptation to lighting, and contrast enhancement.  Read more

L’Oréal is helping those with limited mobility apply lipstick

HAPTA is a machine that helps people with limited hand and arm mobility apply lipstick, and L’Oréal Brow Magic is an electronic eyebrow makeup applicator that gives you customized brow looks in seconds.

HAPTA is a handheld smart makeup applicator that offers people who live with limited fine motor skills the ability to steadily apply lipstick at home by using technology created by Verily Life Sciences. It works by combining motion controls and customizable attachments to stabilize and level the lipstick itself as the user brings it closer to their mouth. HAPTA — which was piloted with L’Oréal-owned Lancôme — comes with a magnetic attachment, a built-in battery, and the ability for the user to rotate the lipstick 360 degrees.

PlayStation accessibility controller unveiled to help players with disabilities

Sony unveiled Project Leonardo at CES 2023, which the company says will make it easier for disabled players to enjoy games on the PlayStation 5. It comes several years after rival Microsoft released a similar device for its Xbox consoles.

A new accessibility controller has been unveiled for the PlayStation 5, designed for players with disabilities. The highly-customisable device, dubbed Project Leonardo for now, boasts a completely different form factor to the console’s standard DualSense remote. Leonardo is circular in design and is made up of a number of large buttons and a single control stick, all of which gamers can rearrange to suit their needs. It can also be used in conjunction with another Leonardo or DualSense, allowing friends or family to lend further assistance to the main player. There are several ports to plug in additional accessories, too, to add further input options. Read more