13-Nov-20 | Webinars

The New Normal: Working Well and Keeping Well in Socially Distant Times

Online Event/ Wed, 18 November 2020/ 12:30 – 13:30 GMT

If you have missed this great webinar, watch On-DEMAND here

Working from home is becoming the norm following the initial Lockdown, and then now with Lockdown#2… and how have we adapted? How are the physical demands of home working having an impact, as well as the non-physical? Dr Nasser Siabi OBE was a hugely popular guest when he joined early in the series to discuss Assistive Technology, and again to take part in our 25th episode. As CEO of Microlink PC, speaker at the United Nations, and a reference point for government on disability, he has seen and heard of the impact across all parts of life.

In this episode, Nasser will be discussing what he has learned during extended working from home, and his thoughts as it becomes The New Normal. With a particular passion also for mental wellbeing, Nasser will also share his experiences, his vast knowledge, and tools / approaches that can help. We look forward to a very interactive session where all can quiz Nasser, and can share views on our own experiences.

Watch the webinar here