1-May-19 | News

The Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey 2019

Workplace adjustments are essential and necessary for the wellbeing of the global workforce.

Microlink plays a vital role in supporting employers achieve their goals in making the workplace accessible for all!

Workplace adjustments today: the experiences of individuals with disabilities or conditions and their adjustments


  • 73 per cent felt that the adjustments had made a positive difference in removing some of the barriers in the workplace. However, only 19 per cent felt their adjustments had helped to remove all barriers at work.
  • Whilst 44 per cent said that they had all the adjustments they needed, 27 per cent had requested other or alternative adjustments that were not yet in place, and 29 per cent had considered them but decided not to request them. Of the respondents who had not requested adjustments, worries about how they would be perceived by their employer or colleagues played a major contribution:
  • 28 per cent did not want to approach their employer
  • 28 per cent worried that their employer might treat them differently
  • 23 per cent worried that their colleagues might treat them differently
  • Just over half respondents with adjustments (55 per cent) had experienced difficulties with the process.
  • Whilst 50 per cent had waited less than three months for adjustments to be put in place and another 20 per cent between three and six months, almost three in ten (27 per cent) were waiting more than 6 months for their adjustments to be put in place (of which, 8 per cent had been waiting over two years).
  • Just over two fifths (43 per cent) agreed strongly that they were happy with the adjustments they had in place. Another 38 per cent agreed slightly but almost a fifth (18 per cent) disagreed with this statement.

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