11-Jul-22 | News

The Clarify wristband improves your hearing without the need to wear hearing aids

A man and a woman talking to each other. The guy wearing a wristband

How does Clarify work?

With age related hearing loss, high frequencies become difficult to hear. Let this wristband listen for you.

Neosensory condenses decades of neuroscience research into a sleek wristband to deliver hearing solutions that are brand new, simple, and backed by science.

This award-winning, patented wristband listens to your surroundings and provides information to your brain via over 4 billion patterns of vibrations on the skin. This wristband is designed to help with three different challenges: discerning high-frequency sounds in speech; tinnitus; and deafness.

  • The wristband vibrates to indicate different high frequency sounds
  • The brain combines sound from the ears with signals from the wrist
  • Within a few weeks, the wristband becomes like eyeglasses for sound

What is high-frequency hearing loss? How do I know if I have it?

High-frequency hearing loss means that you have difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds such as birds chirping and children’s voices. Some important parts of speech are high-pitched, which is why it becomes more difficult to understand speech when you have high-frequency hearing loss. This is the most common type of hearing loss. An audiologist can help you know if you have high-frequency hearing loss, and you can test yourself with a hearing test app such as Hearing Test.

Features at a glance

  • Long battery life: Power for more than 24 hours of continuous usage.
  • Recharge using the provided USB-C cable.
  • Status lights: Shows the mic sensitivity and battery level
  • Hypoallergenic band: Medical quality silicone: comfortable, easy to clean and antimicrobial. Two sizes to fit most teenagers and adults.
  • Adjust microphone sensitivity: You can select how much sound the wristband picks up. Too much background noise? Simply turn down the mic.
  • Four independent motors: Feel and interpret sound with over 4 billion possible vibration patterns. Adjust the strength of the vibrations in the app.

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