11-Jan-22 | News

The App That Brings Ground-breaking Technology to Your Fingertips!

A laptop showing few people on a video call

Instantly communicate with others around the world without needing to speak their language.

One of the most exciting innovations to hit the world of communication since the invention of the Internet itself, PixselChat really is a global game changer.

It is set to become an essential facility for individuals or entire organisations wanting or needing a communication platform with automatic, real time translation. Designed primarily for text to text translation, PixselChat can also translate voice to text and voice to PixselChat Synthesized Voice where the required support is available. All this happens in real time and in over 100 languages and dialects.

  • Communicate in over 100 different languages and dialects
  • Accuracy you can rely on in text and spoken communications
  • Communications have no real delay so you can hold real-time conversations

PixselChat Plugin

The ultimate translation solution that you can integrate into your existing apps. For facilitating multi-lingual chatbots, providing global support for your products and services, online gaming, social media, giving assistance in emergency situations, in fact anything where you need to work in your own language but be understood by anyone!

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