15-Aug-18 | News

Technology and Disability

An interesting Article on Technology and Disability


Disable people build up to 13.9 million of UK’s population and if Britain is to become one of the most inclusive nations, it must do more to make sure that these individuals are not marginalised. There are several steps to be taken to change Britain into one of the most inclusive nations for disability.
Gavin Neate, CEO of Neatebox, believes that technology can help enable and empower millions of people. However, Neate is quick to add that technology is only one of several key components which need to be addressed.

• Technology to enable: Technology these days has revolutionised the way we communicate with the world around for most of us, luckily for people with disability as well.
• Training to educate the society: Based on Neate’s observation, lack of training is an issue when it comes to effective interaction with disable people.
• Changing societal habits: Managers at the top seem to have understood and accepted the concept of including people with disabilities in their businesses for various reasons, however, society seems to be slower in embracing these people.
• Addressing other challenges: Disability includes not only visible conditions, but also invisible ones such as autism. Most people, however, still define disability as conditions such as being in a wheelchair or blind. This calls for changing people’s understanding which will widen accessibility in the future.
• Making future improvements possible: Real changes can be brought about by mutual collaboration and effort between government, industry and education. Companies with ethics and people understanding the importance of equal treatment play a vital role in the process of change at societal level.

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