23-Jan-19 | News

Tech Entrepreneur Launches Specialist App to Support Children With Dyslexia

A new social app for those living & working with dyslexia & ADHD

iDyslexic is an easy-to-use digital platform that allows the Child, Parent, Teacher and Case Worker to log into a secure classroom to aid continuous support and development.

The app also expands into a social network for anyone at any age living with Dyslexia and/or ADHD. Here, users can connect directly, upload content and communicate with Dyslexic associations around the World, receiving direct support from a host of experienced and supportive mentors.

Founder Brendan Morrissey says: “Through iDyslexic, we are working hard to build a community that supports children across the globe and shows them they are not alone in their struggles, moving away from the negative aspects of the condition. As many as one in ten children suffer with Dyslexia, some say one in five, so we need to provide a platform that explains it’s not going to hold them back, and that their creativity and different way of thinking will be a huge benefit throughout their life.” Read more about this Article here

Benefits of iDyslexic app:

  • Keep up to date with your  child’s progress through program access.
  • Connect with other Dyslexia students in your area using iDyslexic geometric feature
  • Full IEP Integration with Direct connection between Support Staff
  • State Laws & Mapping, Support Groups & new friends on iDyslexic forum