6-Jul-21 | News

Regain your independence with a VELA chair

VELA chair from two different angels

How a VELA chair for work can help you and your disability?

  • Brake and wheels – keep you safe and mobile

    The chair has a brake, so you sit stable while you work or “walk” the chair around while seated. In addition, the brake provides safety, so you don’t have to worry about the chair moving away from under you. Our chairs with brakes look like standard office chairs.

  • The proper backrest and seat

    Sitting down for several hours at a time at work requires essential the right support and sitting comfort. It can be a good idea to have a seating specialist from a VELA dealer, so you are guaranteed to get the right seat and the most optimal backrest.

  • Electric lift

    Electric lift helps you save your energy when you need to get up and sit down. Changing the chair’s seat height is easy with the touch of a button. A work chair with a brake and electric lift is an excellent aid in your working day.

  • Adjust the chair to suit you

    VELA chairs can be adjusted to suit you and your needs. In that way, you have the proper support and comfort while at work and to spend the least possible energy – even if you lead an active working life.

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