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Real Time Texting

Make a real-time text call just like you would a voice call. Dump the send button and interact seamlessly and privately with another party.

moozumo® is the world’s first real-time texting app on smartphones, which enables a new culture of live typing without waiting. Users see the text from other users immediately as it is typed, which is comparable to talking directly to the other user, except with a minor difference, with moozumo® we use text to communicate instead of voice! There is no need to wait for the user to press the send button to create ore free flowing conversation with a split screen interface.

  • End to end encryption.
  • Android and iOS supported.
  • Data immediately delete once hang up
  • Option to save data on mobile if both parties agree.
  • Extra features on monthly subscription.


Real Time Texting

Just like a voice phone call, the conversation
happens simultaneously and in real time, and both parties stay fully engaged in the conversation. When you hang up, it’s all gone.

Storage of User Data in Server

No exchanged content is ever retained on the server. Conversation history can be saved only if both parties agree, and then only on the user’s phone, not on the server.

Mobile Based

Available on both Android and iOS mobile phones.

End-to-End Encryption

We take privacy seriously. All content that is exchanged between parties is fully encrypted in transmission, and nothing is tracked within the application or stored on the servers.

For more information please contact us: microlinkteam@microlinkpc.com

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