2-Aug-18 | News

Online training courses on inclusion and digital accessibility

Microlink is an accessibility champion hence we always promote the best practice in accessibility.

We have a proud history of working closely with University of Southampton on development of Assistive Technologies and accessibility tools for nearly 2 decades. We are pleased to pass on this important information.



Southampton University are running two online training courses on inclusion and digital accessibility this Autumn. This training will cover the updates including latest standards and guidelines as well as the EU web accessibility with links to UK legal advice on the subject.


FutureLearn Inclusive Learning and Teaching


Sep 3rd for three weeks

For those interested in making Elearning accessible

“Explore the barriers experienced by disabled workers and learn how to overcome these barriers through inclusive practices.”

FutureLearn Digital Accessibility:


Oct 8th for five weeks

Discussing different aspects of digital technologies and accessibility from the developer and user’s point of view with case studies, new technologies and the latest news about legal standards and guidelines for web, mobile, documents, IoT etc.

When there is “a better understanding of users’ needs, technologies can be developed to be accessible & provide a more inclusive environment”