14-Mar-19 | News

Great notetaking solution for students with accessibility needs

Great notetaking solution for students with accessibility needs

NTEhub is being released on 1st June 2019 by the Notetalker and Note Taking Express teams as part of a completely new DSA offering for the 2019/20 academic year.
The note writing and study companion breaks new ground by being the first web-based software of its kind released for the DSA. NTEhub combines a versatile project management tool with an innovative and accessible web interface for lecture capture and note writing. Learners who already have Notetalker can choose whether to upgrade to NTEhub for free in May.

Why will students love this new software?

NTEhub harnesses the power of cloud technology.

It works on any smartphone, PC, laptop or Chromebook, including Android, iOS, Linux and Windows operating systems. Students don’t need to transfer their files from the app to any other software or worry about keeping free space on their devices to save their recordings and notes.

NTEhub makes it easy for university students to work with audio or video lecture material.

Universities are increasingly using video and podcasts for teaching and learning, so we have created a solution for students to work with video content in the same way as they would with audio. NTEhub reduces the processes involved in capturing lecture material and helps learners transition more quickly to independent study.

Students can organise their course content before they attend a lecture, by splitting slides and adding notes ahead of time.

NTEhub offers plenty of flexibility for learners. They can choose to create their projects from one of several starting points, to match their learning styles and needs. One big advantage is that students can organise their course content ahead of the lecture, which allows them to fully prepare for the class before they attend. For example, students given lecture slides prior to a class can split them into individual pieces of content and add preliminary matching notes, before saving them in a bookmark next to the relevant video or audio content.

NTEhub is also an institutional solution for all learners.

At an institutional level NTEhub is fully scalable and compatible with the DSA offering. Universities can subscribe learners to core services, like the unique note writing platform. Additional services intended for DSA students, such as extra assistive technology add-ins, can be switched off. Universities can also use Note Taking Express’ note taking service to provide their students with bullet point, summary lecture notes or full class transcriptions.
NTEhub was launched in North America in 2018 and is used by almost 300 institutions across the USA and Canada, including Ivy League Universities.

For more information email helen@notetakingexpress.com.