14-Feb-22 | News

New Technology: Action Audio Describes Sports to Blind Audience

An amazing new technology called Action Audio to make watching sports more accessible and enjoyable for blind people. It works by using tracking technology that tracks the ball’s position and converts it into 3D audio in real time. For example, with a sport like Tennis, the Audio Action uses blips to track the position of the ball, how close it is to the line, ball speed, trajectory, and shot type (backhand or forehand). This technology uses 3D audio in 3 main ways:

  1. If the ball is in the left side of the court, the blips will be heard on the left speaker, and vice versa
  2. The closer the ball is to the perimeter, the more blips
  3. There is a high pitch sound for forehand shots, and a low pitch for backhand shots

Since almost 300 million people worldwide are restricted from enjoying life sport, this new technology allows for blind people to watch sports without assistance.

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