25-Apr-22 | News

New one-handed TiPY Keyboard

one-handed keyboard

The TiPY keyboard is a one-handed, wireless keyboard. With the new key concept of the one-handed keyboard and integrated mouse function, you can use all programmes and tables, use keyboard shortcuts, type letters, texts, and use all the advantages of your computer and a complete word processor. TiPY makes work, life, and communication faster and more efficient.

TiPY can be used either by right or left handed users, simply by removing the contoured wrist rest and turning over the keyboard. The left and right layouts are mirror images of each other, but the letter placement on TiPY is very different to a standard keyboard. Another difference would be the suggested finger placements, which are spread over two columns on the device, taking into account differing finger lengths. TiPY also offers direct key entry for 12 national languages on one device, including Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish.

For more information: https://tipykeyboard.com/en/home/