23-Sep-21 | News

Neat Bumblebee Desktop USB Microphone

The Neat Bumblebee Desktop USB Microphone offers professional-quality 24-bit/96 kHz digital output that ensures studio quality sound with USB mic plug and play convenience. Perfect for laptops, desktops, tablets and any other audio device with a USB input, the Bumblebee gives you flexible recording options without using up your devices processing power.The internal shockmount along with a sturdy adjustable boom arm are designed to keep your tracks free from the low end booms that you get from physical vibrations, while the headphone output features its own level control right on the surface of the Bumblebee and offers you zero-latency monitoring while you record.

Multi-pattern design for any recording situation

The Neat Bumblebee Desktop USB Microphone features a multi-pattern design, ideal for catering to a range of recording applications. The Bumblebee microphone features 3 switchable patterns to choose from including: Music, Voice & Neutral. Each pattern is designed for a different purpose, for example the Voice setting is ideal for capturing vocals. From podcasting to singing, the Bumblebee is ideal for a range of recording applications.

Premium-grade sound quality – ideal for music, podcasts and more

The high-grade components and premium-grade design, brings out the best from your recordings. The Bumblebee is highly suited for gaming, podcasting, video chatting and everything in between. As its namesake, the Bumblebee is designed for interaction, providing exceptional audio quality and a built-in USB interface for quick and easy, high-quality vocals.

Integrated headphone monitoring

One of the most unique features of the Bumblebee Desktop USB Microphone is the fully integrated headphone monitoring. The zero-latency headphone monitoring is ideal for private listening and perfect for gamers and podcasters. This allows you to you to hear your microphone in action in real-time. It also features built-in volume control for added versatility.

Desktop design

The Bumblebee is the perfect desktop companion for high-quality recording. It features a boom-arm and swivel capsule design, allowing you to find the perfect position at all times. It comes complete with a honeycomb pop filter for improved audio performance, minimising sibilance and plosives while recording. It also comes with a custom USB cable the same colour scheme and design as the microphone. The desktop base features pointed-style attenuators for the volume control and more.

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