17-Jan-24 | News

Microlink’s pioneering achievements in 2023

2023 was a landmark year for Microlink. Both in terms of developing brand-new projects and improving our more long-standing staples, last year was an undoubted triumph. Across every area of the business, 2023 was a year in which Microlink’s positive impact on the experience of disabled people in education and the workplace grew exponentially. While there are far too many highlights to fit everything in, we wanted to spotlight some of our proudest achievements from the year just passed. So, here are seven major developments from 2023 which we are proud to shout about:

  1. WPA Growth: Microlink has seen a significant uptake in WPA referrals which is very exciting and shows the UK market is mature and ready for change!
  1. Education: Revolutionising education in 2023! Microlink Education partnered with 400+ schools, introducing Assistive Technology and Child-First Practice to transform classrooms!
  1. Physical Accessibility: Unlocking access for all! In 2023, Microlink’s Physical Accessibility solutions sparked widespread interest as clients embraced inclusivity, making private and public spaces accessible to everyone!
  1. Digital Accessibility: Breaking barriers in 2023! Microlink’s Digital Accessibility service achieved phenomenal success, empowering clients in aerospace, finance, and health sectors to ensure their digital assets are accessible to ALL!
  1. Global: Going global in 2023! Microlink reached new heights by launching our WPA service across India and expanding into other regions, marking a significant milestone in our global journey!
  1.   USA: Going stateside! In 2023, Microlink expanded operations into the USA, securing contracts with the first of many clients across the pond!
  1. Consultancy: Empowering through innovation! In the past year, Microlink crafted cutting-edge consultancy offerings, paving the way to create employment pathways for disabled individuals!