2-Jan-19 | News

Microlink’s Knowledge Accelerations System- A Continuous Learning platform


E-LearningMicrolink’s Knowledge Accelerations System is a Continuous Learning platform designed to use a combination of campaign tools focused on delivering training and support resources directly to users motivating them to build the self-help habit.

The vast knowledge base is updated continuously, all changes to Office 365 are documented within weeks of being added to the Office 365 platform. All Office 365, Windows 10, Apple iOS and macOS content including self-learning modules on accessibility features and built-in assistive technologies is available in 8 languages (English, BRA Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish).

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All videos and learning resources embrace microlearning. Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts where learners are in control of what and when they’re learning. All training resources are scripted to maximize retention and provoke a call to action to reinforce learning making them well-suited for the just-in-time performance-based learning requirements of today’s workforce.

To engage learners in relevant learning right away, learning campaigns are launched. Learning campaigns emphasise the practical knowledge needed for successful migrations and deliver it directly to users. Delivered campaign material includes all forms of training materials: skill tracks (formal learning) as well as Learning Tips and Reminders. Learning Campaigns are a perfect way to engage all users right away!

The Continuous Learning Library provides support resources to meet the needs of all learners.

  • Search for Answers – Just-in-time support, when the learner is ready, the “teacher appears”.
  • Informal Learning – Guided Learning Paths take advantage of the self-directed nature of adult learners. Chunking is essential, it helps people remember and assimilate information. Small bits are easier to process!
  • More Formal Learning – Self-Enrollment in Skill Tracks ensures that users practice and apply what they are learning along the away in an effort to help reshape the forgetting curve!

Learners are motivated by challenges! Leaderboards are used to encourage learners to visualise their own challenges by viewing their leaderboard to figure out where they are in the ranking. Badges are awarded to encourage learners to set goals, motivate behaviours, represent achievements and communicate success!

Here is what to expect:

  • Motivation to Learn about New Software
  • Increased Self-Service
  • Flatter Migration Spikes
  • Decreased Support Calls
  • Increased Productivity