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Make the most of your notes with the Neo Smartpen

A man working with Neo smart pen

The Neo Smartpen digitises handwritten data created on the notebooks (Digital Paper), which have NCode imprinted on the pages. Neo Smartpen saves the data on the connected mobile devices and transfers your notes on paper to the digital world. Some of the newest Neo Smartpens include:

Neo Smartpen N2

The Neo Smartpen N2 is designed to write like a conventional pen. The N2 allows you to experience the traditional writing experience, while also enjoying digital convenience. Some of N2’s effective features include:

  • Dual Bluetooth- This newest version of Bluetooth consumes less energy, offers dual-mode support, and provides a faster connection between pen and mobile device.
  • Ergonomic Design- N2 is slim. Light, and durable, designed to deliver a comfortable and seamless writing experience.
  • Power and Speed- Due to ARM’s dual core processor, N2 is capable of handling heavy tasks and delivering faster responses, compared to the previous Neo Smartpens. It captures more than 120 frames per second and can calculate 256 steps of pressure.
  • N2 Technology- A small camera records Ncode as you write on Digital Paper. This is sent and recorded on the connected smart device.

Neo Smartpen M1

The Neo Smartpen M1 is a Creative Digital Writing Instrument, providing the same features as the N2 but with a smaller and thinner design. The cylinder-shaped body case provides comfortable grip, perfect for creative minds.

Neo Smartpen M1+

Similar to the M1, the M1+ is a Creative Digital Writing Instrument, with a compact and simple design which provides an uninterrupted writing experience. The Automatic On/ Off Feature ensures the pen is effortless and easy to use. It also has an extended battery life which allows you to use the pen for a longer time, and therefore focus more on your writing.

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