19-Nov-19 | News

Luke’s shortcut to success as a disabled person

Luke was in a long term unemployment for two years since he finished university and got his degree.

He’d been applying for jobs  every day and not just having any luck and he put part of that down to the fact that he has a disability.

Nasser Siabi CEO at Microlink says: “What shines through is his confidence in his own ability and the passion he brings to the company. People like Luke change the culture of the company. It’s no longer he is here because he is a sympathy but he is a person capable of doing what he does and people respect him for that. It actually tells us something about ourselves that having preconceived ideas about what disabled people can and can’t do.”

Microlink Director and co-founder, Vee Ganjavian  says: “I find him totally inspirational. To me he is an inspiration and we should all learn from him.”

His colleague Nigel says: “He is a good laugh, he is very keen, he is passionate, he is a very good member of the team. He always gets involve and is very proactive in what he is doing.

Luke says: Now that I am working, I am really busy all the time which in my opinion has helped my mental health, helped me build relationships with new people and it’s really what I am proud of because it showed that you shouldn’t give up.