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Lightkey- an intuitive predictive text tool

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Lightkey- an intuitive predictive text tool

Lightkey is an intuitive predictive text tool which can be used in a range of programmes and applications. Lightkey automatically learns your typing patterns and styles, as even the most creative work has concepts and patterns. Alternatively, when constructing professional documents such as academic papers, words and phrases are often repeated. Typing the same words or phrases frequently, can often become laborious and cumbersome.

Lightkey is always analysing the content of your document and will suggest previously learnt words, phrases or sentences. The capabilities of the artificial intelligence is also able to suggest relevant predictions for rich content creation.

Lightkey uses its text prediction engine to offer suggestions for words even when this has been misspelt, even if you are not sure how to spell a word, Lightkey’s intelligence will provide the correct spelling or suggestions.

It allows you to remain focus on your ideas rather than the manner in how you are trying to type them. Additionally, by reducing the repetition of frequent phrases, this can minimise impact and unnecessary pain to an individual’s wrist.  Less typing = less pain and strain!

  • Spelling correction technology offers real-time suggestions for misspelled words.
  • Benefit from predictive text in any desktop application
  • Get the most relevant terms for your professional content
  • Lightkey’s AI-Powered word prediction software learns your typing patterns and gradually predicts up to 12 words including punctuation marks

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