26-Nov-18 | News

Join us on 3rd December at King’s Cross station in London to celebrate #PurpleLightUp

 Join us on 3rd December at King’s Cross station in London to celebrate #PurpleLightUp


As part of the #PurpleLightUp celebrations, Microlink will be at King’s Cross Station in London on Monday the 3rd of December 2018.
We will showcase our range of assistive technology products that can support people with disabilities or health conditions in both education and in the workplace. On display we will have the World Champion powerboat ‘Fury’ to launch Major Mandy Islam’s and Vee Ganjavian’s world record attempt for the fastest disabled person to race around the Isle of Wight, sponsored by Microlink.

The advancements in assistive technologies are now making it possible for millions of disabled people to enter the job market in the next 5-10 years. These technologies which have largely become main stream are removing barriers to work faced by people with disabilities and health challenges.

An exciting opportunity to build more inclusive business models which will be a win win for the employers and customers alike. Microlink is fortunate to have a large number of disabled employees who have contributed to the growth of the company despite their health challenges. We have been able to achieve this impressive performance by offering them the support they need to do their work and being flexible with their working regime. Our employees bring something unique to our business, creativity, loyalty, passion and empathy.

The future requires a different approach to managing the workforce and human talent. How?

  • Liberate disabled people from their challenges and increase productivity for the rest of the workforce with Assistive technology.
  • Preparing IT systems to be more accessible and inclusive.
  • Start innovating by redesigning our living and working environments to be fit for disabled workforce and customers.
  • Start engaging with our education system to ensure the emerging talent pool have the right transitioning support into the job market.

Employers have an important responsibility in this rapidly changing world to better prepare for the needs of a NEW world. For us to have a brighter future we will need all employers to have a PURPLE COLOURED light bulb moment on how to engage with the disability strand in their organisation.

In 2019 we will be investing heavily in digital health and well-being platforms to reduce costs and deliver services quicker and to wider geographical places than ever before. Our multinational clients are seeking to support their workforce throughout their international territories, thus joining the services for the entire workforce will require a more efficient and joined up support offered through this new digital platform. 

Join us on 3rd December at King’s Cross Station to support Purple Light up