9-Oct-18 | News

It’s OK not to be OK

It’s OK not to be OK

Mental-health problems are not rare. Nor are they exclusive to any one “type” of person. Around one in four people in the UK experience a diagnosed mental-health problem each year, according to a survey cited by mental-health charity Mind.
Problems can manifest themselves in many ways – and are not always easy to spot or diagnose. The signs aren’t always obvious and that alone presents a challenge, especially within the professional environment.

Mind’s recent Workplace Wellbeing Index revealed that 48% of people had experienced poor mental health in their current workplace and rates of anxiety and depression among UK employees have risen by nearly a third since 2013. More than 300,000 people with mental-health issues lose their jobs each year in the UK. And mental-health issues cost our economy more than £35bn a year.

It’s not enough to donate to charities or take part in events. We need to create and maintain a sustained, consistent culture where mental health is fully supported. It is the responsibility of every single manager, executive, chief executive or otherwise to address this issue head-on.

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