13-Aug-18 | News

Human Potential at Work with Debra Ruh and Nasser Siabi

Human Potential at Work

Debra Ruh CEO at RuhGlobal interviewing Dr Nasser Siabi OBE, CEO at Microlink


In this interview, Nasser shares his journey about his success as a visually impaired child at the age of 15!

Nasser, CEO and Co-Founder of Microlink says:

“The one and only aim of the Microlink is to find a solution and the right tools for people with conditions and disabilities to eliminate or reduce the impact of that condition. It’s focused on helping the human being be the very best person they can be in life, education and employment. In simple words, if there is anyone with a condition, we assess if they require any interventions, what type of intervention should be and help them to implement that intervention”.

He says: “I might not change the world, but I am helping so many people who are changing the world and that’s the pride and joy I get. Everyone needs support to build their confidence. Confidence comes with the ability to perform a job you want to do and that always comes down to simple tools. If you don’t have the right tools you can’t do the right job”.

“People learn differently and there are simple principles that apply to everyone…

  • Right tool
  • Right training
  • Right confidence building